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Raising seedlings in Kitgum, Uganda

In 2023, we will continue our tree planting cooperation with ISCOT in the Madi Opei region in northern
Uganda. After more than 100,000 seedlings have been distributed to village communities, farmers and
schools in the region in recent years, we have already ordered a further 15,000 trees from our local
partners Jimmy and Joel. These will be grown in the nursery and distributed in April and May, when the
rainy season begins. For an impression of the events on site we recommend a look at our project page
of last year – Magic to Uganda (’22)
and the video of the visit to Madi Opei. Further reports on the
activities in the past years can also be found on the project pages Magic to Uganda II (’20) and Magic to
Uganda II (’21)

Like last year, MttW members will travel to Uganda again this year to support Jimmy and Joel in the
north of Uganda in the period from 22.04. to 06.05.2023 with this year’s distribution of seedlings. Ronny
and Florian are happy about everyone who wants to support this great project. If you are thinking about joining us, just let us know on the known channels and we will clarify the details.

With your help, we have been able to distribute over 100,000 seedlings to the village communities in
the past three years! We would like to use this milestone in our young association history to set
goals for the coming years. Our long-term plan for the project is to push for a continuous increase in
the number of seedlings ordered. Specifically, this means:

  • 2023: up to 20,000 seedlings for €0.50 per seedling
  • 2024: at least 30,000 seedlings
  • 2025: at least 45,000 seedlings
  • 2026: at least 60,000 seedlings
  • To achieve this, we will seek new partnerships and funding from foundations and government pots. We would also like to move the nursery from Kitgum to Madi Opei. This requires a secure water supply for the nursery, which we want to ensure through the construction of a cistern (in 2024).
But where do we currently stand, February 2023, two months before planting begins?

At our general meeting we already decided to order 10,000 seedlings. With the help of the first advance
payment, Joel started to grow the fresh seedlings on site. Through your donations in the last weeks we were
able to increase the number to 15.000 paid seedlings, for which we want to thank you! Through our
partnership with Plant for the Planet and the listing of our project we could already also inspire many people to support our project.

Our appeal for donations

Until the beginning of the planting, we can increase the number of seedlings for distribution. We can do
this by purchasing seedlings from Joel’s or other local nurseries that have been grown for the open
market. But for this we need exactly you! Feel free to promote this great project, talk about it with
friends, family or colleagues and be our ambassador!

For as little as € 0.50 per seedling, we can raise a seedling in the Madi Opei region, distribute it to
local farmers and accompany its growth over the next few years. Each of the young trees has the
potential to bind up to 10kg of CO2 per year.

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Download our Magic to Uganda 2023 OnePager

Jede*r von uns kann etwas zum Wohle der Menschheit beitragen. Uganda ist eines der Länder mit dem jüngsten Durchschnittsalter der Erde und über 80% der Menschen sind in der Landwirtschaft tätig. Die fortschreitende Wüstenbildung im Norden des Landes zu stoppen, ist nicht nur im Interesse der Natur, sondern hat direkten Einfluss auf die herzlichen Menschen vor Ort. Mit unserem Engagement können wir nicht nur das Mikroklima schützen und einen Beitrag zum Kampf gegen die globale Klimaerwärmung leisten, sondern auch den Acholi ein Geschenk machen: Hoffnung für die Zukunft. Vor allem den Kindern möchten wir das ermöglichen und hoffen weiterhin darauf, dass wir zusammen dieses Projekt weiterführen und ausbauen! Lasst uns weiter versuchen die Welt ein wenig besser zu machen.

Each of us can contribute something to the welfare of humanity. Uganda is one of the countries with the
youngest average age on earth and more than 80% of the people work in agriculture. Stopping the ongoing
desertification in the north of the country is not only in the interest of nature, but has a direct influence on the warm-hearted local people. With our commitment, we can not only protect the microclimate and contribute to the fight against global warming, but also give the Acholi a gift: Hope for the future. Above all, we want to make this possible for the children and continue to hope that together we will continue and expand this project! Let’s keep trying to make the world a little better.

Step by step.

Project by Project.

This way you can support our tree planting project in Uganda:

  • By bank transfer to our donation account (Skatbank, no fees):
Empfänger:Magic to the World e.V.
IBAN:DE65 4306 0967 1309 7243 00
  • Via Paypal to Magic to the World e.V. (approx. 2% Gebühren)
  • Vor-Ort-Einsatz: Du hast im Zeitraum 22. April bis 06. Mai Zeit und Motivation, deine Freizeit mit Bäume pflanzen zu verbringen? Join the Magic! Zur Detail-Absprache melde dich bitte bei Marcus unter 015143188926
  • Make our project known in your company, sports club or circle of friends and possibly acquire major donors. Contact us at

For all donations you can get a donation receipt afterwards or at the end of the year, which you can use for
tax purposes according to §50 Abs. 1 EStDV!

Thank you very much!