MttW – team

‘The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds.’ – Dalai Lama

MttW – philosophie and credits

With this quote in mind we are trying to change our world, little by little, project by project, towards a brighter future with acts of kindness and love. Us, that’s Marcus, Ronny and Sebastian (in the leading roles) and many friends who have so far joined for one or more projects , want to use our time and ability to travel to increase the lives and chances of children in difficult situations by supporting their education and communities. Therefor we gather donations thru Crowdfunding and invest them locally into short and long term activities for a brighter future. We cover all our expenses during the trip, including flights, transport, accomodation and meals, by ourselves, so 100% of the donated money goes towards the good cause.

Our gratitude goes out to everyone supporting and donating for our projects, whether it’s financially, emotionally or simply by sharing our story on social media. You are doing good and we promise your donations go directly and effective for a better future of children of this planet. Thanks for all the trust you put into us.

A biggest thank you and all due respect for our local support and friends. Without you not any magic would be possible as you path the way to invest in the right things and bring your communities forward. Thanks for working voluntarily and so passionate to bring people from such different backgrounds together to create something magical.

Magic to Cameroon (October 2019)

Marcus Stein (GER)

Sebastian M. (GER) Karina P. (GER) Johannes L. (GER)
Tebi Honourine (CAM) Naomi (CAM)
Calista (CAM)

Malon (CAM)

Magic to Laos (April 2019)

Marcus Stein (GER)

Ronny D. (GER)

Kenny A. (GER)

Krissi R. (GER)

Kevin L. (GER)

Sebastian M. (GER)

Oun (LAO)

Magic to Uganda (September 2018)

Marcus Stein (GER)

Sara C. (ESP)

Sebastian L. (GER)

Director Jimmy (UGA)


Yikii (UGA)


Jimmy (UGA)

Magic to Mozambique (april 2017)


Marcus Stein (GER)

Ronny D. (GER)

Marie B. (GER)

Sebastian L. (GER)

Magda (ZRA)

Hein (ZRA)

Louis (MOZ)

Pepe (MOZ)

Magic to Senegal (march 2016)

Marcus Stein (GER)

Sebastian L. (GER)

Marie B. (GER)

Ahmed (SEN) Vito (SEN)

Papa (SEN)

Dresden to Nepal (september 2015)

Marcus Stein (GER)

Ronny D. (GER)

Mukesh K. (NEP)