FUNK UHR Life Hero of the Year – Final voting

After our association was able to win the vote of the readers of the magazine FUNK UHR (weekly circulation of approx. 500,000 copies) in November thanks to your support and a detailed report on our activities was published in December, the current issue after the “ Life hero of the year” wanted. Our Magic to the World eV is again up for election as the winner of the month!

In order to be able to win the prize money of 2,000 euros for our association work, we need you! All you have to do is email the following text to :

Subject: Lebens-Held des Jahres

Liebes FUNK UHR-Team,

im Finale der Aktion Lebens-Held stimme ich für den Verein Magic to the World e.V.!

Kennwort: Magic to the World

Viele Grüße

Anyone who has set up an e-mail program on their smartphone or PC can save themselves typing. Simply click on the following button, add your name and send the e-mail:

Voting runs until May 8 . Thank you for your support ❤️

You can find the campaign on pages 12-14 of the April 28, 2023 issue of FUNK UHR
The monthly win article in a December ’22 issue of FUNK UHR

3 thoughts on “FUNK UHR Life Hero of the Year – Final voting”

  1. How can readers of FUNK UHR magazine support Magic to the World eV in the “Life Hero of the Year” competition, and what recognition or benefits would winning the competition bring to the organization?

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