We celebrate 5 years of Magic to the World e.V.

Dear members and supporters,

Our Magic to the World e.V. has now been around for 5 years. Back then, on February 23rd, 2019, we met on a Saturday afternoon to found the club in Dresden . A few days later, on March 11, 2019, the association was officially registered as an association for development cooperation at the Stuttgart District Court. Since then, we as an organization have done our best to implement the association’s goals in a variety of projects and to use the donations entrusted to us as transparently and efficiently as possible.

On our anniversary we would like to look back at some milestones and figures (2019-2024):

  • successful Magic to the World projects in Laos , Cameroon and Uganda . Further engagements and collaborations in Mozambique , Cote d’Ivoire and Morocco .
  • Currently 44 members in the organisation, all work is carried out purely on a voluntary basis. Expenses during project visits, such as flight and accommodation costs, are paid by the members themselves
  • Average age of members: 39.6 years – our youngest member is 2 years old, the oldest is 80 years old
  • Approximately €70,000 in donations, of which over €4,000 came from membership fees
  • Visitors to the Magic website: over 140,000 (thanks to the spambots!)
  • 10 members and supporters from Germany were on site
  • Seven suitcases and 15 used laptops were also passed on
  • 4 annual general meetings with an average of 10.5 members present
  • Over 100,000 seedlings distributed in the Magic to Uganda project , as well as the construction of a water tank
  • long-term support of a women’s center with Magic to Cameroon and SWO, vocational training for 13 young women and many other educational programs
  • Cooperation with the local organizations ISCOT (Uganda) and SWO (Cameroon)

We would like to thank all members, supporters, partners and companies who have helped us in various ways over the last few years to make the world a little more livable for people in other places with our Magic projects!

Magical greetings and lovelove, your MttW board

Marcus Stein & Ronny Dobra

2 thoughts on “We celebrate 5 years of Magic to the World e.V.”

  1. Project Proposal

    Title: Organic Farming Empowerment and Entrepreneurship for Internally Displaced Young Girls and Women in Marginalized Communities in Cameroon

    Proposal submitted to Magic To the World

    We present this proposal for the project “Organic Farming Empowerment and Entrepreneurship” targeting internally displaced young girls and women from marginalized communities in Cameroon. This initiative aims to empower and support this vulnerable group through sustainable agriculture practices, skill development, and entrepreneurship opportunities.

    The ongoing crisis in Cameroon has led to the displacement of many young girls and women from marginalized communities, leaving them with limited resources and opportunities for sustainable livelihoods. The project recognizes the importance of organic farming as a means to both empower these individuals economically and promote environmental sustainability.

    1. To provide training in organic farming practices to internally displaced young girls and women.
    2. To establish a cooperative structure for sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship.
    3. To equip participants with entrepreneurship skills and support for market access.
    4. To promote sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices.
    5. To enhance food security and economic sustainability for the target group.

    The project will be implemented by the Mbiame New Vision Multipurpose Farming and Development Association, known for its expertise in sustainable agriculture and community development. The activities will include:
    1. Training sessions on organic farming methods, crop management, and sustainable agriculture practices.
    2. Establishment of demonstration plots for hands-on learning.
    3. Workshops on entrepreneurship, business development, and financial literacy.
    4. Mentorship and support in accessing markets for organic produce.
    5. Creation of a cooperative structure for collective decision-making and resource-sharing.

    Expected Outcomes:
    1. Improved knowledge and skills in organic farming among participants.
    2. Establishment of sustainable agricultural practices within the target group.
    3. Creation of income-generating opportunities through entrepreneurship.
    4. Enhanced food security and economic empowerment for internally displaced young girls and women.
    5. Contribution to environmental conservation and sustainable development.

    The total estimated budget for the project is $50,000, covering training materials, facilitation costs, demonstration plots, cooperative setup, and monitoring and evaluation.

    The “Organic Farming Empowerment and Entrepreneurship” project presents a unique opportunity to empower internally displaced young girls and women in Cameroon through sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship. By supporting this initiative, Magic To the World can make a significant impact on the lives of these individuals and promote sustainable development in marginalized communities.

    We look forward to collaborating with Magic To the World to bring this project to fruition and create lasting change for vulnerable populations in Cameroon.

    Thank you for considering our proposal.

    1. Dear Tata Wirba Usmaila, we thank you very much for your project proposal. Thou we have an interest in working together with new organisations, we are currently focusing on properly funding the projects we are already engaged in and can therefor just ask you for your patience. If our financial situation allows an investment in your project, we will be in touch! Kidn regards and keep up your amazing work!

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