Update 3 – Further 6.400 seedlings for distribution

Dear MttW- and Reforestation-friends,

“our trees” are doing magnificent! The past rain season was very strong and fruitful, so that the approx. 40.000 seedlings that were distributed in April and May could grow roots. Almost all of them survived! Many of them, depending on the kind of tree, have grown to a nice height now, so you can actually detect them on the pictures we got from Jimmy and his team.

In discussion with our partners in Uganda, Jimmy, Joel and ISCOT, we decided to use the upcoming, shorter, rain season to plant more trees and do a so called gap-filling. This means to increase the density around the other trees by planting young seedlings not to far from them. Thanks to your donations, we were able to buy and distribute another 6.400 seedlings for that.

Every donation enables us to plant more and more trees very soon. By that we are helping the local communities and slow down the effects of climate change. 100% of your donation reach the field, a seedling of a teak tree is only 0,40€, please support us! And don’t hesistate to ask any questions.

Magic to the World e.V. – VR Skatbank
IBAN: DE97 8306 5408 0005 3187 50
(BIC: GENODEF1SLR) or via Paypal

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